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September 2018

Minister's Musings


Revd Gary Gotham



Dear Friends,                                                                    


You will remember in the July/August issue of The Link I encouraged us all to engage with the 'Walking the Way' initiative  – described as Living the life of Jesus today.  A key resource for Walking the Way is Holy Habits – a set of booklets exploring 10 Habits that cover ways of Christian living.

Holy Habits are about practising doing holy things until they become instinctive. It encourages a living out of discipleship in the whole of life – in work, rest and play.  The inspiration for these habits comes from Acts 2:42-47.

Biblical teaching is the subject of the first Holy Habit.  It is being aware of the many ways in which Christians understand how the Bible speaks to us.  Is the Bible merely a record of what people experienced and thought about God thousands of years ago?  Is the Bible a divinely given textbook for reference in order to get concise instructions on life?  What is the role of the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ, in our reading, interpretation and application of scripture?

The Basis of Union of the United Reformed Church expresses the relationship between the Word of God and the Bible as “The URC acknowledges the Word of God in the Old and New Testament, (discerned under the guidance of The Holy Spirit), as the supreme authority for the faith and conduct of all God’s people.  In the same paragraph, the church acknowledges that “the life of faith to which it is called is a gift of the Holy Spirit continually received in Word and Sacrament in the common life of God’s People.”

So, interpreting the Bible is to be done within “the common life of God’s people.” This is where the gift of the Holy Spirit operates fully in the life of faith. This means that we listen openly to the views of others (e.g. in Home groups and in church) being open to what Christians of other denominations say and being open to what Christians over the Church’s existence have said.


As Christians, we exist in relationship with other members of the body of Christ, past and present and this is the primary medium through which God operates.  Although there are differences between churches and between individual Christians, the place of tradition in reading and interpreting scriptures has always been supplemented by the inclusion of reason - a God given faculty – both of these to be used together to grasp the meaning of scripture.  The image of a three-legged stool has been used to illustrate how these elements – scripture, reason and tradition have their part to play in discovering the will of God.  This month may you renew your commitment to reading your Bible and in it finding the Word of God alive and active in your life.  


God Bless





             Inspiration in Your Inbox!        

Each morning the United Reformed Church sends out a reading, short reflection and prayer to around 2,500 people.  The reflections are written by a variety of people from different places and perspectives across the Church.


You can sign up to receive them by going to  (and you can read previous Devotions there too)'. If you’d like to receive the devotions as a booklet in PDF format – so you can print them off for yourself or for members of your church who’d like them but don’t have access to the Internet please email Andy Braunston via and request this. 




Prayer Group

The next meeting of the Prayer Group will be on Monday 10th September at 10.00 a.m. at 46 Sarum Drive.


A small group - so far - meets fortnightly to pray for St Andrews, the neighbourhood and the community. 


Prayer is such a vital part of our lives, and we would  welcome anyone who would like to join us.

Contact  Hilary at 724063.




Tools for Self Reliance

Do you have tools you no longer use?  Tools for Self Reliance repair and renovate tools to make kits to go to Africa to help people set up their own business to earn money to support their family.  Any tools can be used, except gardening tools; also needlework equipment and sewing machines.  Our local depot is at Holt, where an enthusiastic team of men prepare the tools for use.  If you are getting rid of tools or equipment, talk to us first to see if it can be used and we will do the rest.


Thank you,


Neil and Ruth McGregor




Alan Neeve

Alan, with Jean, came to St. Andrew's a little over ten years ago, having decided this was the Church where they wished to worship and where they had been made so very welcome.


They quickly became part of the fellowship, joining in with worship-related activities, social events and on other occasions, including the luncheon club.


However, Alan's commitment to the community was second to none. He was a founder member of Devizes Lions and was a very loyal supporter to them, doing as much as he could even in later years.


For the past two years Alan has had treatment and surgery for cancer. He has come through this so well and, of course, with his usual sense of humour'. He died at the home of one of his daughters, where he had been looked after so well and also supported by all the family. We shall miss Alan, particularly his smile and also his jokes. Our love and sympathy to Eileen, Maureen and all the family.

Eileen Robinson




From the Pastoral Secretary



Caring for Someone - a Free Guide



Click HERE for information taken from the website of 'Independent Age'



Caring for Someone is free to order and download from www.independentage/caring-for-someone

or from 0800 319 6789


Jenny Brearley






A prayer for the renewal of earth

God of creation, we bring our prayers for our world.

We pray that our worn-out earth

may be renewed in life and vitality,

and greened with flourishing growth.

We pray that our polluted smoky air

may be cleansed and purified

giving breathing space and a source of life.

We pray that in arid lands waters may flow

enlivening the desert places,

quenching thirst,

and healing the dryness.

We pray that the earth's resources

of stone and oil and fuel

may be harvested with respect and care.

God of creation,

the earth waits and longs for justice.

Come and deliver your creation

from those that consume and spoil,

so that land and peoples

may dwell together in your justice.


Jan Berry



There is a good selection of 500 and 1,000 piece jigsaws in the library.

Now the evenings are beginning to draw in, why not borrow one to enjoy the sense of achievement a completed puzzle brings.

Hilary Burn. (01380 724063)




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