The monthly magazine of St Andrew’s, Devizes; Marston Chapel;

and Trinity, Market Lavington

July/August 2018

Minister's Musings


Revd Gary Gotham




Dear Friends,


Journeys - we are all on so many journeys.


Small journeys - like the trip to school I make with Marcia every day;

Long journeys - my step-daughter flies to Australia to live in a few months;

Boring journeys - the endless stream of shoppers I saw going round and round in

           Sainsbury's this afternoon;

Exciting journeys - all the holidays that are behind the queue in the post office for

           foreign currency;

Final journeys - the lady whose funeral I conducted this afternoon;  and

Faith journeys - all of us, living the life of faith, pondering God's will for us, seeking to

           live lives that are pleasing to God, that honour God and reflect God's love for

           God's world.


Tomorrow I will climb in my car and drive to Dover, board a ferry and sail to France and drive on to Le Mans.  It seems simple when I put it like that but right now I am part excited but mainly terrified.  Terrified I've over-looked some documentation and will get turned back at the ferry.  Terrified my car will misbehave on the roads.  Terrified the traffic will misbehave.  But in the end I have to trust.  Trust I have prepared properly and leave the rest in God's hands.


Is our faith journey any different? We are encouraged to prepare ourselves for all that life offers (and indeed sometimes throws at us) by equipping ourselves, re-sourcing ourselves with Christian faith and character.

You may have heard mention of 'Walking the Way' - an initiative of the church with an exciting focus on lifelong Christian discipleship and mission. It moves beyond a set of programmes into the world, where each step we take is accompanied by Jesus, helping us to bring about change in our own lives and, ultimately, in Church culture and society. As you engage in 'Walking the Way', I hope your understanding of what being a Christian disciple means will deepen. Who knows, you may grow beyond your wildest dreams, living as a disciple in all parts of your life.

Look out for further mention of this in the September Link. Until then, may your summer journeys bring you refreshment and renewal.

Be all that you can in God, for God is good,



Winter Night Shelter Progress

Plans have been on the table for some time. Changes to the rooms upstairs at St. Andrew’s Church have been carefully considered. The Gaiger Brother’s quote for the construction work has been accepted. The work of installing CCTV cameras overlooking entrances and the rear car park has gone to BWS Standfast. A working party has produced a Handbook setting out procedures, equipment and rules.

Now we have heard that two applications for funding this project have been successful. The Big Lottery grant for £10,000 was confirmed on 30th May and then on 11th June news came through that Wiltshire Council had been successful in their bid for £300,000 of taxpayers money to help reduce the number of rough sleepers in Wiltshire towns.  Devizes gets a fair slice of this because we had plans in place for a winter Night Shelter. Together they should cover most of the costs this coming winter.

The alterations to St. Andrew’s premises include building in a shower room, altering the heating and ventilation system, adding storage units and work surfaces and upgrading the fire escape. The grants cover the cost of training and managing a team of volunteers and paying a Night Care Worker to be on duty every night. Opendoors will manage the scheme from night to night. The funding will also cover St. Andrew’s hire charge for the use of the premises.

The number of beds being offered to homeless people is only five this first winter. This will give the team a better chance to put all the arrangements to the test, without the pressure that larger numbers would create. Volunteers will be able to help in a number of ways including preparing meals, seeing to laundry, being an evening volunteer and being on overnight shift. Training sessions are planned for the autumn but anyone who would like to be part of the team is encouraged to get in touch anytime from now on. Please email :

The United Reformed Church and the Greenbelt Festival  Fri 24th to Mon 27th August 2018 - Boughton House, Kettering, Northamptonshire 

For the second year running the United Reformed Church has gone into partnership with the Greenbelt Festival.  This year they are asking for knitted, crocheted or sewn flowers to decorate the tent.


Last year they asked for fruit and after one bunch of knitted cherries, I gave up!!  So I am having another go, as this year's request seems much more approachable.


If anyone would like to join me in having a go, please get in touch.


Eileen Robinson




                       Wiltshire Council will increase the items we can recycle from July 30th. "Oh no, not more boxes" I here you say. Thankfully not. In the blue-lidded bin, as well as plastic bottles, cardboard and shredded paper, they will now take food and drink cartons, plastic pots, tubs and trays. They will NOT be able to accept black plastic or plastic film. All other recycling and collections are as before. 

                     At last governments and companies are taking action on the plastic pollution problem. We have a long way to go but it is a start. There is a shop in Scotland that sells household cleaners, health and beauty products as refills for glass containers. Oil and vinegar can be bought the same way and a recent innovation is a milk vending machine with glass bottles that can be refilled. I hope this style of shopping will be more popular.

                                                                                      Christine Madigan



There is now a good selection of jigsaws in the library.   They are mostly 500 and 1000 piece puzzles.   A variety of pictures and subjects are here.

Please contact me if you are interested in borrowing any, and I will be glad to hear from each you.

Hilary Burn. (01380 724063)




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