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Available from 10.00 a.m. on Sunday 28 February 2021

Destination Unknown

with Revd Gary Gotham


Do you yearn to go back to how things were pre-Covid?  I wouldn't blame you if you did - I do.

But we-re not there yet and we may never be.  History has a habit of moving forwards, rather than retreating backwards.  God is with us while we struggle with our 'destination unknown'.

Bible reading - Mark 8: 31-38



Sunday 21 February 2021


with Revd Gary Gotham


Have you ever felt the pressure of expectations?  It might be from family or friends.

It might be self-imposed.  Today, together, may we be released from a little of that.

Bible reading - Mark 1: 9-15



Sunday 14 February 2021

The Transfiguration of Valentine

with Revd Gary Gotham


Have you ever tried to describe the indescribable to someone who just doesn't GET what you're on about - like the joy of being head over heels in love, a new hobby, a passion, a book, a place you visited (pre-Covid), a piece of music, or a road you love driving?

Bible reading - Mark 9: 2-9



available from 10 a.m. Sunday 7 February 2021

'How to find Hope, Health & Restoration'

This week we have a guest preacher


In a week when we have lost Captain Sir Tom Moore and there has been continued controversy around vaccines, we hear a Bible story in which Jesus restores health to many - offering hope and health.

God, in Jesus, offers us restoration - in our disease and our dis-ease.  Do I exude hope?  Do you?  have you experienced the difference it makes?  What areas of our lives would welcome restoration and renewal?

Bible reading - Mark1 : 29-39


These don't have to be watched at the start time, you can view any time from then on.  They will remain accessible just as my previous videos still do.  My Youtube channel can be found at If you click the red 'Subscribe' button and then the small bell next to it, so it reads "All" you will be notified as soon as the worship video is ready to view.






If we meet in church, there are many changes in the way the services will be conducted, from their length, the seating arrangements, how we enter and leave the building to name a few. Welcome stewards direct you on arrival and lead you through the necessary steps to ensure we remain Covid secure.




 * * * * *


Guidelines for church attendance and format of service Booking: 


You will need to book your place to attend a service. 


Please email so we can ensure that chairs are arranged appropriately, adhering to social distancing rules. If you do not have access to email please ring Mary on 07974 411704. 


Individuals will need to make their own arrangements to get to the church.

Entering: You will be met at the entrance to the building, your name will be registered as part of the Government Track & Trace System, and Stewards will then direct you via the one way system and show you to your seat. (The registration information you provide will be held by the Church Secretary for 21 days and then destroyed if not needed.) 


In accordance with the current Government Guidelines you will be required to wear a face mask all the time.

• Appropriate signage will be on display

• Hand sanitiser will be available 

• Toilets will be available for use if necessary

There will be no singing and it is anticipated the service will last

30-40 minutes.


There will be no provision of beverages and any after service fellowship must be socially distanced outside the building.


Any offerings can be put in the collection box by the door. 


There is no access to the gallery, hall or upper rooms.


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28th   Online Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship suspended until further notice.


(in Community Hall)

Joining online Sunday Worship until further notice - see above

Prayer Support Team

At St Andrews we believe in the power of prayer. Over the years we have seen the evidence of answered prayer, God has blessed us beyond our expectations, and it is so good to know that he is always ready to listen.

Members of the prayer support team are available every Sunday morning to share with you in prayers of concern, or thanksgiving.

You will recognise them by their badges, so please feel free to speak to one of them.  

It is their role to listen, to pray and to ensure absolute confidentiality.

And remember, ‘God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.’

Eph 3:20


St Andrew's Harvest Festival & Lunch

Sunday 27 September 2015

'All Good Gifts Around Us'