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Click HERE to read 'Four churches' statement on Syria' (2 Dec 2015)




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St Andrew's is currently raising money for the


 three  charities below.


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Alzheimer's Society



The Turning Point Trust




Click HERE for April 2020 news.


Devizes Food Bank




Emergency food for local people in crisis


Foodbank clients bring their voucher to be redeemed for three days emergency food.  Volunteers meet clients over a cup of tea and can signpost people to agencies able to solve the longer-term problem.


The Devizes Foodbank is a Christian charity and part of the Trussell Trust Foodbank Network.  It works with supporters and beneficiaries regardless of their faith or lack of faith.  As a result of the growth in its activities throughout the Kennet area and the retirement of some long-standing volunteers it is now seeking people for the following roles:

            Trustees to join the Board of Trustees to provide strategic direction and use their skills and knowledge to ensure that it meets its responsibilities as it seeks to expand its operations.  They will have a desire to help people in crisis through dealing with food poverty. People with communication/IT skills and experience in fund-raising activities will be particularly welcome.


            Volunteer Administrators. Ideally they will have a knowledge of using spreadsheets and simple databases.  Training will be provided.





Market Lavington

Coffee House, 1 Church Street, Market Lavington, SN10 4DT

(Arguably the best coffee in Market Lavington!)


Tel: 01380 816145


Parking is available at the Community Hall.

Flexible layout to accommodate wheelchairs & pushchairs.

Free Wi-Fi

Beth Warren







Our Minister, Gary, will be serving most Wednesday mornings from the 19th.

He would be very pleased to see you.

10 am 4.30 pm

Closed on Thursday

Saturday 10 am 1pm


We have taken as many precautions as we can to make St.Arbucks a safe place to be.

  • Extra Cleaning will take place. 

  • There is a screen in place between staff and customers.

  • Please be patient with staff if you have to wait.

  • Please use hand sanitiser when you arrive and leave.

  • Please use contactless payment if possible.

  • Please be considerate of others personal space.

  • Take away food and drink if there is no space available.

If you find you have some time to spare and would like to help at St.Arbucks, initially on a voluntary basis, we need someone/two. Please pop in and speak to Beth or phone 816145. Please first consider whether you can do so safely and maintain your health. Times which would be most useful would be Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and Saturday mornings.



The shop on the corner of Church/White Street in 1904  

and in 1914  

Rowdey Cow Ice Cream

Ready to serve you!

     Lunchtime Menu

Mug of Soup & a Bread Roll.

Toasted Sandwiches.


Casual Cuppa 10.30 a.m. - noon

Every 1st Friday morning.


Toasted sandwiches

Filled rolls

Cake & coffee

Hot drinks

Ice Cream

(Soya milk & Decaf coffee available)

No plastic straws; cardboard cups for take-away;  free WiFi




Devizes Opendoors continues to support the vulnerable and homeless of the Devizes area. It offers three drop-in sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at St John's Parish Rooms. At these sessions our service users receive meals, fellowship, counselling, personal hygiene (showers) and the use of a laundry which is just to be upgraded thanks to a grant from The Gannett Foundation.  We see around 20 people at an opening.  These will be homeless, sofa-surfers and those struggling to keep a roof over their head.

Devizes Opendoors could not operate without the strong support of the Christian community of Devizes team, particularly on the Friday shift from 16.30-19.00.  These volunteers have the key roles of cooking or counselling (sometimes both).  We are always looking to strengthen our team.

A key worker as Acting Co-ordinator for many months has been Christopher Sloane from Sheep St Baptist Church.  Without his stalwart work recently, when our Co-ordinator moved on to take a promotion, it would have been difficult for us to continue without his organisation and front-line skills.

To strengthen Opendoors we particularly need people with the confidence and skills to be Team-leaders at and run openings to support our new co-ordinator Nadia Mitchell.  If you are interested in supporting the work of Devizes Opendoors please send an email to recruitment@devizesopendoor.net or text the Chair, Eddie Sims on 07968983660.  And please continue to support our work with your prayers.



There is a Traidcraft stall at St Andrew's after the service on the first Sunday of the month.

Don't expect things to be cheap!  Being fair to the producers means paying more - but you can enjoy your purchases with a good conscience!

Why not take a look at the catalogue for craft items as well as food, or look at their website -  www.traidcraftshop.co.uk  


Items not on the stall can be ordered through the church and not incur any delivery charge.




I can order sweatshirts for 15 and short-sleeved polo shirts for 12.50.  

Available in many colours & all sizes.

     Christine Madigan




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