from our Minister, Revd Gary Gotham

and thank you for visiting the website of St Andrew's United Church!

St. Andrew's is a good place to be!!  There is a great sense of fellowship and belonging, and we can truly say that we are a welcoming Church. 

As you browse through our website, you will see there are many opportunities for people of all ages to share in the life of the church.


We believe that to be a Christian, and to attend church, should be both a good and happy experience.
At St Andrew's we can assure you that should you decide to come and visit us - 
and we hope you will - you will receive the warmest of welcomes.

Jesus said:

"I have come that you may have life,

and have it to the full.

(John 10:10)"





Gary graduated from Northern College, Manchester in 2000 and has been serving the United Reformed Church ever since. In his spare time he enjoys lazy summer days with friends, real ale, messing about with computers and is trying his hand at growing his own veg. There is a rumour he is building a kit car, but internal combustion engines will be outlawed before he ever gets round to finishing it.



Church Secretary




Church Treasurer



Local preacher

John is happily married to Kath. They have two children and four grandchildren under the age of ten, who live close enough to have a profound impact! In 2012 he retired from paid employment which had involved many years in Devizes School classrooms and a further thirteen as a community worker on a deprived Swindon housing estate. He now enjoys supporting the Devizes Opendoor project and other Churches Together in Devizes activities. He also helps lead a fortnightly church house group and occasional worship services around the Wiltshire United Area.



Gift Aid Organiser

Representative - Churches Together in Devizes

Although born and brought up in Birmingham I have lived in Wiltshire for over 40 years, as this is where my husband had his job. We have a daughter, son and two grandsons. I began my working life as a primary school teacher and ended it as a secondary school librarian. I used to enjoy amateur dramatics but now confine myself to church entertainments and Open the Book. My main relaxation is gardening.  



Worship Leader & Member of Finance Committee

Peter is a northerner growing up in Blackpool and studying and training as an accountant in Manchester.  Recently retired, much of his career was as Finance Director in charities such as ActionAid, Friends of the Elderly and, since moving to Devizes in 2010, Community First.  Before his charity work he lived in Malawi in central Africa and Botswana in southern Africa.  He is a Trustee and Chair of the Devizes Foodbank. 



Property Secretary

College study - I lectured in engineering and building at University of Plymouth, at which time I completed an OU degree. I lectured at Lackham from 1997.  Subsequent employment was to design crop storage, processing and handling systems for UK and Uganda. I have been involved in Trade Union activities; professional bodies and several hobby groups; kept bees and played Judo. I am treasurer of Devizes bell ringers; a nationally certificated church bell ringing teacher at three towers; on Rowde Fete committee; work an allotment and repair vehicle, house and household goods.



I am married to David and we have five children and five grandchildren between us.  I enjoy knitting, reading and the voluntary work that I am involved in which, without David's help and support, I would not be able to do.







Social Events & Catering Co-ordinator




Bill was born in Slough, Buckinghamshire and attended Slough Grammar School. He is happily married to his wife Pearl and they live in Devizes. Bill worked in H.M. Customs & Excise for 35 years moving around the UK. When he was younger (and his knees stronger) he ran Cross Country, played Badminton, Table tennis and Bowls. He now walks with a U3A club and is learning to play Croquet.

He retired early in 1995 and still too young to do nothing he joined a Toyota garage as part-time Warranty Manager. Five years later they moved to Costa Blanca in Spain where they lived for six years until his step-father died suddenly. This meant they had to return to the UK to look after his disabled mother in Petworth. On her demise they moved to Fleet in Hampshire where they lived for six years. At that time Bill was co-manager of Fleet Foodbank central store. They then moved to Devizes to be close to their daughter. Bill is currently a volunteer for Open Doors an organisation for the homeless.


Church Council Away Day - 7 March 2015




as Minister of St Andrew's Church, Devizes;  Marston;  & Trinity Church, Market Lavington

Sunday 10 November 2013

with Revd Ruth Whitehead (Moderator of the South Western Synod of the United Reformed Church);

Janet Gray (Synod Pastoral Advisor); Revd Roy Fowler of Calne and Pamela Packer (Area Officer).



St Andrew's is a Methodist and a United Reformed Church, and we have been united for about 30 years.  As such we are part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain and also the United Reformed Church (URC) in England & Wales.  This widens our horizons and gives us opportunities to learn from, and benefit from, both parent Churches.  Locally, we have been pleased to share our resources as we have grown together as the people of St Andrews.

                    www.bristolmethodist.org.uk                    www.urcsouthwest.org.uk

We are united for a purpose, which is is that we might share through worship and service, the love that God has for all people - a love that is revealed uniquely and completely through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Because we cannot exist on our own, St Andrew's Church belongs to the 'Wiltshire United Area', which embraces all the Methodist and URC Churches in quite a large area.  Some of these churches are United, others are one or other denomination but we all work together.  The area includes Corsham, Melksham, Calne, Devizes, Trowbridge, Bradford-on-Avon, Warminster and Westbury as well as the villages around these towns.


The Area is overseen by the Executive Committee, which is made up of both Ministers and Lay people.  Revd Gary Gotham (Devizes) is the Area Chairman and Mrs Beryl Hill is the Area Co-ordinator.