At the AGM on 30 April the following were elected:


Revd Beth Hutton

(of St James' Church)


Vice-Chair:  John Saunders 

Secretary:  Liz Overthrow

Treasurer:  Patrick McCrohan

- - - - - - -

T h e    w e b s i t e  is :



Churches Together Prayer Group

(Alternate Tuesdays at 9.30 a.m. unless otherwise stated.)



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Reviewed, reconstituted and recommitted

Churches Together in Devizes

Eight churches in Devizes have signed up to a new constitution and a new name, marking the next stage in the life of the Partnership of Churches which was founded in 1978.

Over the last eighteen months the member churches have held discussions and prayed. They have glimpsed God’s will and reviewed the basis of collective activity, that is, the constitution.  There was a Vision Day in October 2013, services and discussions in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in January 2014 and in Lent 2014.  Draft documents were drawn up and circulated to member churches for approval.

The discussions were not all about formal structure of course.  Priorities for the future were also agreed which include nurturing children and young people, championing social justice, finding confidence to talk more about our faith and being good stewards of the environment.

John Saunders, Chair of what is now to be called, “Churches Together in Devizes” said, “Many good things have been achieved in the last 36 years and there are many supportive friendships across the churches. Our new constitution and fresh vision will help us to build on all this. We now hope to work more closely together and become increasingly involved in the life of Devizes, responding to some of the real need that there is in the town.”

The photo was taken at the signing of the new Constitution

on Thursday 29 January 2015 at the Church of Our Lady.

(left to right)  Revd. Gary Gotham, (St Andrew’s), Revd. David Fiddy (The Rock), Lawrie Smithson (St James’), Revd. Vincent Perricone (St Peter’s), Liz Overthrow (St John’s and St Mary’s), Jacky Thomas (Quakers), Fr. Philip Baptiste (Church of Our Lady), Revd. Paul White (Sheep Street Baptist Church).





is held at the Quaker Meeting House every Monday at 6.30 pm (prompt) usually lasting half an hour. This is part of the World Community of Christian Mediation. 

All welcome.




Churches Together in Devizes - Prayer Link

The Prayer Link provides a contact for people with urgent or serious needs to ask for prayers.  There are two groups providing morning and evening links and they are from the Partnership of churches.

Prayer requests are confidential and never left on an answer phone.  Where possible, a Christian name only will be used.  The groups will pray for a person for about a week, or longer if requests are renewed.

 Good news is always welcome and will be passed down the chain.  

With several people having moved from the area, we are getting low on numbers.  We are looking for people who would be willing to join members of other churches on an Evening or Morning Prayer Link.  You would receive prayer requests by phone and pass them on to the next person, who would do the same.  Prayer requests are not left on the answer-phone, you just contact the next person on the list.

If you are willing to help, please contact Dorothy Hague, St Andrew's Church.

Thank you







is Foodbank Co-ordinator.

He joined the Foodbank

after retirement from BADAS

(the Bath Area Drugs Advisory Service)

now known as Turning Point (formerly New Highway)


The Devizes Food Bank has been operating a collection point at St Andrew's for the past three years.  This is staffed by volunteers from the Food Bank and is run in conjunction with St Andrew's Church coffee mornings held each Thursday between 10.00 a.m. and 12 noon.

Recipients bring their vouchers, which they have previously obtained from one of the authorised agencies, and present them to the volunteers to obtain a food box.  These contain sufficient food for three days, either for a single person or a family.  The boxes also contain a message showing that the box has been given by a Christian organisation and also a recipe leaflet to help recipients to know what can be made with the contents.

Your generosity of donations is invaluable and is greatly appreciated by the Food Bank and the people who receive the boxes.  Thank you.